Nocona Cowboy Boots

Nocona Tan Brush Off Italian Kangaroo (Men's)

Nocona Boots NB4003 (Men's) - Tan Brush Off Italian Kangaroo

This exotic boot features a tan brush off Italian kangaroo foot and upper with an 11" shaft and wide round toe.

Nocona Black Cherry Brush Off Imperial Calf (Men's)

Nocona Boots NB2006 (Men's) - Black Cherry Brush Off Imperial Calf

A traditional style cowboy boot made from Black Cherry Brush Off Imperial Calf. Featuring a medium round toe.

Designed to increase comfort and decrease foot fatique

Nocona Antique Tan Brush Off Imperial Calf (Men's)

Nocona Boots NB2007 (Men's) - Antique Tan Brush Off Imperial Calf

An antique tan brush off imperial calf foot and upper with a medium round toe. This boot is built for comfort.

And it looks great too!

Nocona Black Sundance/Light Blue Vegas/Overlay (Men's)

Nocona Boots 710166B10 (Men's) - Black Sundance/Light Blue Vegas/Overlay

For the man who wants to stand out!

This waddie tall top boot offers something a little different. Featuring a low profile square toe and foam insert for superior comfort.

Nocona Cognac Full Quill Ostrich/Redwood Deertan (Men's)

Nocona Boots 052142403 (Men's) - Cognac Full Quill Ostrich/Redwood Deertan

Easily reconizable for their distinctive texture, ostrich boots from Nocona send a clear message of quality and superiority.

This attractive western style boot makes a bold statement. Desirable for its versatility, ostrich is also incredibly supple, making these boots very comfortable to wear.

Nocona Black Lexus (Men's)

Nocona Boots 340158403 (Men's) - Black Lexus

The Black Lexus is an attractive western style with a medium round toe and a 1.5" undersling heel.

Looks great, feels great!

Nocona Peanut Brittle Lizard/Cognac Brush Off Calf (Men's)

Nocona Boots 152433403 (Men's) - Peanut Brittle Lizard/Cognac Brush Off Calf

Stylish and masculine

This attractive cowboy boot features a medium round toe and Nocona Comfort.

Stylish and hard wearing these cowboy boots are second to none.

A long family history

Enid Justin founded the Nocona Boot Company in 1925 after spending 19 years working in her father's boot making business learning his trade.

Making boots the family way

Enid Justin dropped out of school at the age of 12 and worked for her father H.J. Justin, making high quality, sturdy cowboy boots for travelling cowboys. Located in the city of Nocona, Enid developed her father's love for hand crafted boots. She also learnt the finer points of his trade and his knowledge.

In 1906 H.J. Justin died leaving his boot making business to his family. Enid continued to work in the family business but when in 1925 her brothers decided to move the business to Fort Worth, Enid chose to stay behind because she felt her father wanted the business to be kept in Nocona.

The Nocona Boot Company is born

Enid borrowed $5000 to keep seven of her fathers staff employed. She founded the Nocona boot Company and together, in her small shop, they established their own reputation. Enid worked hard to make ends meet, having to take up other jobs to pay the bills.

She found that many men had trouble doing business with a woman but soon found that the quality of her boots was every bit as good as that of her father's.

Oil saved boot company

Her lucky break came when oil was discovered near Nocona, brining with it many new customers. The Nocona Boot Company made a 16 inch lace-up boot that was tough enough to survive the oil fields. The workmen kept coming back for more.

Nocona Boot Company was making handcrafted cowboy boots portraying a rich heritage and rare beauty. They developed a national reputation as a quality boot maker, making the finest and best fitting western footwear around.

In 1981, 87 year old Enid sold her company to her nephew who was now running the parent company - The Justin Boot Company. The two-bootmaking companies had done a full circle and the family business was once again united.

Justin Boots continue to make the top quality Nocona cowboy boots that Enid worked tirelessly to establish in the boot industry.

Enid died in 1990, but her boots will live on.