Beware Discount Uggs - Expert Reviews

From humble beginnings to fashion icon.

The Aussie ugg boot has traveled quite a journey. Starting off on the Aussie beaches many years ago as footwear for the surfers they have now become famous worldwide.

Ugg boots are traditionally sheepskin boots common to Australia and New Zealand. Today the term ugg is more commonly accepted as the trademark of the ugg boot made by the American company UGG® Australia.

Ugg boots a fashion icon

And it is UGG® Australia that have taken ugg boots to the world. Making them a popular fashion item for young and old alike.

UGG® Australia sell top quality genuine sheepskin ugg boots that are sturdy, durable and even stylish. Their quality comes from using only A grade sheepskin and advanced manufacturing methods.

As with any product that is hugely popular the ugg boot has many imitators.

Discount ugg boots

Beware the discount ugg boot. They are available at many retail outlets and are often sold as the genuine product. The difference goes deeper than the price or the label. The real difference is the quality of the sheepskin.

Truth be known, discount ugg boots are often not made from sheepskin at all but rather an imitation synthetic product that does not wear nearly as well as A grade sheepskin used by UGG® Australia.

Synthetic look-a-like sheepskin does not have the natural thermostatic properties of real sheepskin leaving the ugg boot smelly and damp after being worn several times. The boot quickly becomes shabby and stretched and often the boots upper separates from the sole.

You get what you pay for

Put simply you get what you pay for. Buy genuine sheepskin ugg boots made from A grade sheepskin and you will pay a bit extra but will get good quality ugg boots that will last and hold their shape. The will also allow your skin to breathe so your feet won’t sweat and smell.

The best in the business is UGG® Australia.

UGG® Australia is the best in the business. Buy UGG® Australia ugg boots and know that you are getting a UGG® Australia that will last and look good through out the season and well into the next.

UGG® Australia uses only the best quality sheepskin exclusively. Twin-faced sheepskin is used in many of our core products. A piece of twin-faced sheepskin has been treated on both the fleece side, and the skin side.

The wool of genuine sheepskin is extremely dense (more-so than any synthetic), which provides for a more comfortable and durable material.

Hope that helps.