Tips For Buying Great Ugg Boots

When ugg boots first appeared on the market many years ago, selecting which pair you wanted was simple.

Ugg boots were ugg boots

There was only one style and no imitations. Today, over 30 years on, ugg boots come in many different shapes and sizes. But the most startling difference is the quality.

So how do you know a good ugg boot from a cheap imitation?

First it is important to understand that an ugg boot by definition is simply a boot made of sheepskin. There are many manufacturers of real ugg boots ranging from cheap and nasty through to the world's largest and best known - UGG® Australia.

When looking for a real ugg boot you are looking for a boot made of sheepskin. Not an acrylic look alike. How do you tell? Simple.

The inside fleece or fur of an acrylic look alike "ugg boot" tends to be coarse, scratchy and short. Real sheepskin ugg boots have real sheep fleece that is soft in texture. Whilst the texture may vary it will always be soft. And the fleece is generally more plentiful in a real ugg boot.

The outside of an ugg boot is the sheep's hide

Ugg boots are made of sheepskin. The outer part of the ugg boot is the sheep's hide. It is not perfectly smooth and will appear a different shade if rubbed in the opposite direction. This is so even after the sheepskin has been dyed to produce ugg boots of different colors.

The price of the boot is another give away. Real ugg boots made from real sheepskin are quite expensive. After all you pay for what you get. The supply of acrylic, being a man made product is more plentiful hence the boots can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost. They often retail for half or even less of the price of a real pair of ugg boots.

Does authenticity matter?

I guess it is an individual choice. If you want cheap footwear to knock around in but don't expect it to last, acrylic is fine. But if you want a quality boot that will conform to the shape of your foot, won't sweat or smell and will last only real sheepskin will do.

If cared for properly real ugg boots will last for years. Most cheaper acrylic look alikes are lucky to see a season out. And by the end of the season they will be looking old and be very smelly. Generally speaking acrylic boots cannot be washed where real ugg boots and will come up looking new again.

A quick check list for genuine ugg botos

Here at it's about getting you the best Ugg Boot at the best price.

Quality & Expertise

Assess that your Ugg Boots are genuine UGG® Australia boots using only the highest quality materials. Assess:

Important: Ankle Joint

One of the more important aspects in a quality Ugg Boot is the front ankle joint. The height and room of the ankle joint is where many Ugg Boots are uncomfortable and poor fitting.

Ankle Joint - ensure the correct angle