Choosing the right ugg boots for you

Ugg boots are made from natural sheepskin and do not always follow the sizing of normal shoes.

Getting the right size

It is important that they feel firm, but not overly tight. The foot and toes should feel snug but the toes should not be scrunched (following the web site guide is your best bet).

Being a natural fiber the upper hide of the ugg boot will stretch to conform to the shape of your foot. If the boot is not firm fitting when first bought it will become loose and sloppy very quickly. There should be minimal movement in the heel.

Be sure to measure your foot and check out the websites sizing chart. This way you will be buying the size boot recommended for your size foot by the manufacturer.

Tall or short

Another important consideration when purchasing a pair of ugg boots is what length to buy. Ugg boots are available in a range of sizes from slippers, mini, short, tall and right through to the ultra tall.

Tall or long ugg boots are designed to come to about four inchs below the knee and short ugg boots are designed to go to about four inches above the ankle bone. The ultra tall come almost right up to the knee while the mini are only ankle length.

The choice is an individual preference but some points to consider are: