Ugg Boots - Made from Genuine Sheepskin

You really can tell the difference between real sheepskin and synthetic look-a-likes, and it pays to look around until you find the best.

UGG® Australia use only the best quality sheepskin in their Ugg Boots. The sheepskin is twin-faced meaning it has been treated on both the fleece side and the skin side.

The wool on the inside of the sheepskin is much denser than any synthetic making it more comfortable and durable. The natural properties of the fleece encourage moisture to be drawn away from the foot and air to circulate. The end result is the feet stay dry and do not develop an odour.

Another natural property of sheepskin is its water resistance. This means that small amounts of water coming in contact with the sheepskin will not seep through to the foot nor will it damage the sheepskin.

Of course the main benefit of genuine sheepskin is the ability for the fleece to keep the feet cosy and warm during the coldest of climates. However its natural thermostatic properties also enables the sheepskin to act as a natural insulator thereby keeping the feet cool in summer.