Origin of Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots first came into existence well over 30 years ago. The name has several different origins depending on who you talk to.

The term is generally accepted as being developed by Australian surfers (though many have laid claim to being the first developer).

Ugg Boots have been a big part of the Australian lifestyle for over 30 years and have developed to such an extent where Ugg Boots are widely considered a must have for any fashionable wardrobe.

Ugg boots really "ug yer feet"

Some people say the name "ugg" (or ug/ugh) came about because Australian's tend to be lazy with words and boots that "hug your feet" (the sheepskin of an Ugg Boot molds its shape to your foot) soon became boots that "ug your feet"!

Another tale is that they are called "uggs" because they are ugly.

Thus "ugg boots".

With the great versatility of sheepskin, Ugg Boots have gradually moved from surfers to skiers to mainstream - even babies.

The humble Australian Ugg boot has now become a world-wide must-have.

And it is the company UGG® Australia that are taking the market by storm. They now sell a range of products from Ugg Boots in every shape and size through to summer and casual shoes and a huge selection of accessories.