Kids And Ugg Boots - Warmth And Fashion

Love them or hate them you have to admit ugg boots are hot property. And all the kids want them.

From teenagers right down to young tots the ugg boot craze has hit them all.

Traditionally the term ugg boots referred to an Australian boot made from sheepskin. They were particularly popular amongst surfers who liked to slip the warm boots on after time out on the waves.

Today the term ugg has been trademarked by an American company called UGG® Australia. Whilst most of the Australian companies still manufacture their own ugg boots, it is the American company UGG® Australia that has created the world-wide interest in ugg boots.

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Kids ugg boots are fashionable

Where once ugg boots were worn for the practical reason of warmth now they are worn as a fashion statement. They have become the in thing. They are trendy and fashionable. Most kids look upon them as an essential part of their wardrobe rather than a luxury item.

And of course it is this incredible popularity or trend that has increased the interest our kids have in ugg boots. It is peer group pressure. As adults we will wear what we want but as kids or teens we simply must have what everyone else is wearing.

And whilst this may put a strain on parents pockets it is a fact of life and great for the retailers. Fashion has always followed a trend being led by the few and followed by the rest.

Buying kids ugg boots on the Internet

The huge demand for ugg boots, especially amongst our kids has led to the availability of the ugg boots increasing. It is now possible to buy ugg boots at most major department and shoe stores as well as on the Internet.

Kids ugg boots come in all sizes and styles. Starting from the baby soft sole slipper in gentle pastels through to the adult replicas that come in every size, style and color we see adult ugg boots in.

And it is not just the girls getting in on the craze. Boys of all ages are wearing them too. Kids wear ugg boots with jeans.

Most kids wear their ugg boots with jeans. Straight leg jeans with the jean leg tucked into the boot or wide leg jeans with the jean leg worn over the top of the boot. Both are fashionable and widely accepted.

Girls will often wear their ugg boots into the warmer season and team them with a mini skirt and short top. This is the clearest indication that ugg boots are no longer being worn for warmth but for fashion.

With kid ugg boots it tends not to be so much the style that is important but the color and the label. Kids want their ugg boots to be the fashionable color of the season. This year raison is the most popular color whilst last year it was chestnut.

UGG® Australia the most popular brand

The label is also important. Most kids buying ugg boots want their ugg boots to bear the UGG® Australia logo. UGG® Australia have done a wonderful job branding their product and although they are still basically an ugg boot like any other they stand out from the crowd with their unique sole and label on the heel.

This is the brand the kids are going for and luckily UGG® Australia produces a large range of kids ugg boots.