Women's Boots - History

Women have been wearing boots since before the 16th Century, and although essentially a practical item of clothing they have always been worn as a fashion item by all but the lowly peasant.

During the Victorian era the female's long dress covered the boot hence the need for a variety of styles was not necessary. At this time boots were generally made of hard leather that would take a considerable time to break in.

Toward the end of the 20th century the popularity of the boot wavered however in recent years the popularity has once again increased especially for the long bootleg.

Women's boots have changed

Over the years the woman's role in society has changed and with it her style of footwear has also evolved. Women can now add to their wardrobe a large variety of footwear ranging from the boot and dress slipper that were originally seen in the Victorian era to also include the likes of "pumps" and gym shoes.

Women's boots are still predominantly made out of leather although it is a much softer pliable form than was originally used and therefore more comfortable. When it comes to other footwear lines however the materials used to make the shoes can vary from satin, cotton, velvet and even corduroy. And of course modern technology has introduced a complete range of synthetic materials.

It's all about style

Through the ages a woman's footwear has always been about style. From the suppressed Victorian era to the rebellious twenties and the revolutionary sixties women's shoes have spoken for them. In today's modern 21st century where the woman can be her own individual she no longer needs to conform. She can have a style of her own.

Whether it be boots, runners or stilettos a woman can express her self through her shoes and wear them with individual style.

Fila Open (Women's) - White/Fountain/Black Touch Ups Cassandra (Women's) - Gold Metallic