Women's Fashion Accessories

It used to be that a woman couldn't step out her front door unless her handbag, shoes, hat and gloves matched. Today things are a little more relaxed but accessories still play a huge part in a woman's ensemble.

Gloves and hats are no longer essential fashion accessories (unless living in the Alps) but jewelry, scarves, watches, hair clips, eyewear and belts have become popular additions.

Accessories create the look

A silk scarf, elegant designer wristwatch, bold beaded hair clip, lace hosiery, gold necklace and designer sunglasses - the accessories have created the image.

Similarly - a simple leather wristwatch, black bandana, wide, low set leather belt and a small gold nose ring - another completely different image is created.

More so than the clothes you wear, your shoes and accessories create your style and look. Simple sober accessories in light colors will "dress down" an outfit making it suitable for casual wear whilst the same outfit may become an elegant evening outfit with a few accessory changes. Sparkles and glittery accessories tend to create a party look.

Accessories are a personalized touch

Accessories and shoes are also a great way to personalize your style. Relying on accessories like bright hairpins, vintage bags, sunglasses and hosiery are inexpensive but effective ways to create your personalized image.

Even without deliberate intention we all use fashion accessories. All women wear shoes, bags or sunglasses for practical purposes even if not intending to create a style.

That is the beauty of women's fashion accessories. They can be as simple and practical or as elaborate and bold as you want. They will create your style.