Women's Fashion Shoes

There is nothing women like more than shoes. Especially a nice elegant pair with high heels.

Fashion shoes have played an important role in women's styles and qualities since the 1930's when the variety and standards of shoes were at an all time high. This was primarily due to an increase in awareness resulting from American cinema stars who were portraying a higher degree of elegance from their head right down to and including their feet.

A shoe moment in fashion

We are currently experiencing a shoe moment in fashion. Whether it is elegant high heel slip-ons, flats or boots there is a statement to be made that may even be more important than the rest of the outfit ensemble.

Whilst fashion apparel is suffering from spiraling hypertrends with varying degrees of disinterest from consumers footwear is not suffering from the same rapid trend changes. Although fabrics and colors may change shapes and trends are sticking around.

Boots are a winter staple

We can now see a trend with boots having established themselves as a staple for winter/fall and sandals have become a year round favorite. The internet has contributed to the footwear fad by making even the most exclusive styles available to everyone.

The sculptured feminine heel is now the most popular fashion choice. Although in the 16th century when high heels were originally designed for women but could lead to the death penalty if anyone other than the "privileged class" dared to wear them - a penalty imposed by the infatuated Louis XIV - they are now a must for all women's wardrobes.

Leather most suited shoe material

Over time leather has been the principal material for making shoes however this has varied depending on availability of raw materials and varying climatic conditions. Leather has through time proved to possess the most suitable qualities for shoe making.

We now also see vulcanized rubber, synthetic rubber and plastics being utilized by shoe manufacturers as well as some fabric materials.

Many brands, many styles

There are just so many fashion shoes available to choose from that most women find themselves in shoe heaven. Whether it is elegance, practicability, warmth or just comfort that you are seeking there is a shoe for you and a lot of fun to be had finding it.