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Caring for Your Shoes and Boots

You've just bought your dream shoes. They should last you a lifetime. And they will if you care for them properly.

It is so easy to just kick your shoes off at the end of the day and let them lie in the back of the wardrobe or in the hall where they get walked all over until you need them next. But this is a sure way for them to get damaged and have their life considerably shortened.

Use a water repellant before you wear

When you buy a new pair of shoes or boots apply a water and stain repellantbefore you wear them. Respray them when water stops beading up. Suede shoes can also be rubbed vigorously with a towel before being worn to prevent what is known as crocking, which is when little bits of the suede rub off onto your clothes.

When putting your shoes on always use a shoehorn. This will help the shoe to hold its shape and prevent softening of the heel. And remember to always clean off any dirt after every wear. This can be done by simply brushing with a soft brush or rag.

Shoe trees are a great invention. Allowing your shoes to rest on a shoetree for 12 hours between each wear will help the shoes retain their shape.

Leather needs special care

Leather shoes and boots last forever if cared for properly. Clean your shoes and boots regularly with a leather cleaner to get the grime off the top then use a leather conditioner to soften the leather. Any scratches on the leather can be covered up using a cream a shade lighter than the color of the shoes or boots.

Shine your leather shoes and boots with a paste, wax or cream polish and don't forget to waterproof them. Regularly polishing your leather shoes and boots will ensure scuff marks are removed and keep them looking like new for years.

Today's market also has a range of exotic skins being used to create shoes and boots with extra flare. These need extra care and it is important to follow the manufacturer's directions and use the special cleaners and conditioners provided.

Boot Shapers

Boot Shapers 300 (Pack of 3 Pairs) (Women's)

Boot Shapers will keep your boots looking new - perfect for tall shafted boots. Available Colors: Black, White.$US29.45

Johnston & Murphy Woodard Shoe Tree (Mens)

Johnston & Murphy Woodard Shoe Tree (Men's)

It just makes good sense to protect your investment and prolong the life of your shoes. Cedar trees protect the leather, fabric, stitching, and soles of your shoes by absorbing moisture, acid and salts. Cedar trees smooth out linings and insoles making shoes more comfortable to wear. Cedar trees smooth out creases and wrinkles that prematurely age leather. (men's) $US25.45

ShoeKeeper Elite (Women's)

ShoeKeeper Elite (Women's)

Cedar shoe trees allow shoes to dry in original shape. Cedar pulls damaging moisture, acids and salts from leather. A beautiful brass-plated knob, combined with a split-toe, gives this shoe tree elegance and functionality.

ShoeKeeper Shine Box Shoe Care Kit

ShoeKeeper Shine Box Shoe Care Kit (Women's)

A complete shoe care kit for the shoe enthusiast that makes a great gift. Kit includes 7" shine brush, 2 polish daubers, black shoe cream, brown shoe cream, leather lotion, a 4"x 14" shine cloth and a 7" shoe horn.